First the idea, then the STEP

Our tagline here at Single Step Realty is that “Every great journey begins with a Single Step”.  And we know that single step cannot begin to move until you have that moment when the thought crosses your mind that you are ready to sell the home you’ve been in for years.  Or maybe you’ve thought about buying your first home after years of renting.   Or maybe you’ve thought about learning how to intelligently invest real estate.

It first begins with the idea, then comes the courage to take that first step.  Whether if that first Single Step is to sell, buy, or invest, you don’t have to go at it alone.  Single Step Realty is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help guide you and help you achieve your real estate goals.  Putting a professional on your team is the best first step you can take.

Let us know what your real estate goals are.

CALL ME at (281) 797-7248 or E-MAIL ME at


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